# 🗣 Introduction

Breadstick is a simple and flexible implementation of toast style notifications for Vue.js.

🌟 Inspired by toasted-notes for React - which I think is really cool. ❤️

# Demo

See a live demo of breadstick

# ⚡️ Installation

Install breadstick and its peer dependency, animejs, using yarn or npm.

npm install breadstick animejs --save

You can then register BreadstickBakery as a Vue plugin.

import Vue from 'vue'
import { BreadstickBakery } from 'breadstick'

// This exposes `this.$breadstick` in your Vue template.

# Installing with Nuxt

After installing Breadstick, we import it and register it as a client-side plugin. This is because Breadstick it makes use of some DOM APIs. Code is similiar to the Vue plugin shown above.